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CrazyLaugh Comedy(拉疯喜剧), the first Chinese Stand-up comedy (中文脱口秀) club in NY, NJ and DC with a simple goal to inspire the Asian community, especially the first generation immigrants to find their voices and be their authentic selves.
Together, we laugh louder.
Meet Our Team

Weekly Mandarin open mics/shows, monthly English shows and special events, A LOT of special events, because we are a creative bunch. Love to go to new places and make new friends. Send us a note if you want to collaborate or just stop by our show!

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We believe in the power of laughter as a universal connector, bridging people, cultures, and communities.

Let’s navigate life’s script with joy and shared laughter. We turn life’s quirks into moments of collective mirth, creating a world where each smile and chuckle brings us closer.
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Want to get on the stage?
Don’t be shy! Hey there’s always the first time right? At CrazyLaugh, you will be embraced by the most supportive audience with a great sense of humor, they will laugh at you, for sure.

If you are thinking about it, do it. Don’t wait for tomorrow, give yourself a present.
Want to join the dream team?
Again don’t be shy! Lots of people are amazed by how far CrazyLaugh has gone within two years, us too! It’s beyond magical how this team came together and has been ever growing. At CrazyLaugh, there’s a place for everyone, as long as you are genuine, kind and love bubble teas. Just kidding! The first two are negotiable.

Our specialty is making things happen. If you have a good idea, let’s see it through, together. The journey is more important than the destination, and more fun with a company.
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