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Chinese Stand-up comedy variety show in North America
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Audition & Online Training Program

a. In-person audition at 7 local comedy clubs across North America: New York, Washington DC, Boston, Silicon Valley, Seattle, Vancouver, and Toronto

b. Online audition, click here

c. CrazyLaugh will select 15–18 candidates from comedy club recommendation & online submission

d. Announce cast & organize online training program


Get Ready

More show detail and pre-show teaser



Shooting in NYC



Our Advantage


Location! Location! Location!
New York! New York!

• Global cultural center

• Stand-up comedy capital


• Outstanding talents across all areas: Finance, Technology, Art…

• Audience diversity: the most diversified overseas Chinese community makes up the best audience base


• Lean & efficient team with strong track record

• Unconditional support from CrazyLaugh Comedy team


Tremendous support from all friend comedy clubs across North America

Long term business partner across all industries: Finance, Tech, Marketing, Retail, Food, Hospitality


If you have questions, we have answers for you here. In case we don’t, please feel free to reach out to us here
  • What is 超(Chow)Fun StandUp & CrazyLaugh? 超Fun脱口秀团建是什么样的节目?

    Well, we are the first-ever overseas Chinese stand-up comedy variety show, reflecting the real joys and pains (mostly pains) of Chinese living in North America.


  • What is the show about? 节目的主要内容是什么?

    What about some of the best North American Chinese comics’ BEST sets? And their experiences and “HOLY COW” moments in New York City?


  • What is the format of the show? 节目的形式是怎样的?

    There will be multiple segments including individual performances, group acts, team competitions, themed topic contests and surprises (maybe, who knows!). As we Chinese like to say: Friendship First, Competition Second. We are here to build the  “Chinese Comedy Dream Team in North America.”


  • What types of comedies will I see? 节目中会展示哪些类型的喜剧表演?

    Stand-up comedy, improv, manzai, and more, maybe, not guaranteed.



  • Will the acts of the comedians be scored? 节目中演员的表现会受到评分吗?

    Will they be judged? Oh yea totally! And punished too. JK! Yes, their acts will be scored based on the live audience votes.


  • Will there be behind-the-scenes footage in the show? 节目中会有幕后花絮吗?

    Yes! There will be plenty of behind-the-scenes which will be posted on our social media platforms! (See the bottom of the website for details). We have a feeling they will be funnier than the actual show.


  • When and where can I watch the show? 节目将在什么时候什么平台播放?

    Follow us on social media and be patient. JK! Thank you for the excitement!


  • When and where will the show be filmed? 节目的拍摄地点和时间是什么?

    October 2024 at SinoVision Chinese Theater in New York. Come to see the show in person!


  • How many episodes? 节目的播出形式和集数是怎样的?

    6-8 episodes of 1 hour length each episode. Who has attention longer than one hour anyway.


  • I'm a comic, how can I sign up? 如何报名参加节目?截止日期是什么时候?

    There are two ways to sign up: 

    1. In-person audition at the local comedy club. Please reach out to each local club, see below, for their own audition schedule.
    2. Online audition. Please fill out the registration form, submit a 5 min clip of your performance and say CrazyLaugh. The 3rd part is optional. The deadline for online registration is 9:00 PM ET on August 11, 2024.


    1. 线下俱乐部海选。 请联系您当地的脱口秀俱乐部。(名单见下一条)
    2. 线上报名。请填写报名表,您可以通过提交作品视频来参与选拔。线上报名截止时间为2024年8月11日晚上9:00 PM ET
  • Which comedy clubs can I go for an in-person audition? 协办海选的脱口秀俱乐部有哪些?

    CrazyLaugh Comedy NY, CrazyLaugh Comedy DMV, Boston Ding Ho Comedy, Vancouver Van Comedy, Silicon Valley GGTKX, Toronto Peanut Comedy, and Seattle Seattle TKX.


  • How can I get the latest updates about the show? 如何关注和了解节目的最新动态?

    Hello! Follow us on social media, please, pretty please!


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It’s not only a show, a project, or a business plan. It’s “Someone should do it, and that someone is me”. It’s a big leap of faith, and we hear the wind. 
Laughter isn’t just an act, it’s a journey we embark on together, making every day a little brighter and every challenge a bit lighter. 
If you are interested and have related experience, come. Fly with us.